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Magnetic Filters.

What is a magnetic filter?
A magnetic filter can be fitted to your system to ensure that it works at its best possible capacity by trapping magnetic debris in the water that would otherwise prevent the smooth running of your system.

Gas Boilers Servicing uses the powerful and widely acclaimed MagnaClean filter. This is very efficient and is designed to remove almost 100% of the suspended magnetic particles. One of our expert engineers can easily show you how to clean out this filter yourself, saving you the cost of a call out fee in the future!

A MagnaClean filter can be used in both new and old heating systems. However, if you have an older property we strongly recommend installing a magnetic filter after having your system power flushed.

Installing a magnetic filter is a relatively quick and simple process for one of our trained engineers. Moreover, there are no ongoing running costs once you have purchased your magnetic filter.

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